After months of planning for the event, one thing that can change your guest experience tremendously during the event day is the check-in process. It is considered one of the most crucial parts affecting the guest experience.

Many events that lack preparation do not anticipate several issues that can arise during the event day. It can be from simple things like your employee’s speed to process each check-in, staff shortage, weather effects like rain, etc.

Most of the time, you probably hope the event goes like this:

  • The guest turns up and form a neat line to check in
  • Your gate staff checks everyone almost instantly
  • The guests move into the venue, and the event starts on time

However, in reality, most organizers find it rarely happens like that:

  • Your guest will turn up early to get the best spots around the gate
  • The task overburdens your gate staff, and the check-in process becomes slower as a result
  • There is confusion about the tickets being used double
  • Many other guests started to get frustrated waiting in the queue
  • Your event begins behind schedule as the result

Luckily, today we have a tool to solve the following issue using technology directly. Using QR codes to check in, the guests took only two seconds to register with detailed info acquired a long way back from when they purchased the tickets. Everything can be confirmed quickly and done automatically by the system.

Do This With QR Code During Check-In

After implementing this technology in your venue, you will get the following:

  • Issuing each of your guests with a unique QR code to their emails
  • Your guests can either print out their ticket or use a mobile device to show the QR code to the scanner
  • The profile of the guest, including when they are registered and if they have a plus one
  • Notifications about any problems during check-in, for instance, the QR code used twice or if it is for other events to avoid any confusion during the event day.

How QR Codes Will Make Life Easier for Your Gate Staff

Your staff plays an essential role during the event day, especially for those working at the check-in gate. Even if you have plenty of staff, the check-in process can be mentally and physically stressful for them. And it can somehow impact your guests’ mood during the event.

QR codes bring value to make everything go smoothly for the events and especially the staff because of their speed during the event day. Each guest only needs two seconds to check in, showing them complete profiles to avoid confusion.

This is where a professional service such as WhiteBean can help you. You can speed up your event check-in using a QR code. Contact our e-Ticketing experts today to help increase your guests’ satisfaction by implementing QR code online ticketing into your events.

My Tips for Scanning QR Codes

Usually, the QR code should scan right away. When sometimes the code isn’t checking, try these troubleshooting tips:

Here are some tips for successfully scanning QR codes without a hitch during the event day in case of difficulty.

On mobile: 

  • Ask your guest to increase the brightness on their mobile phone when scanning the QR code
  • Ask your guest to zoom in on the QR code 

On paper: 

  • Try to flatten the QR code ticket in case there are any creases
  • Hold the form directly rather than at an angle
  • Position it better, so there’s more light hitting the paper

Image Credits: Helena Lopes