The ability a QR code offers for event management is valued highly within the industry. Integrating the QR code into online ticketing for event management will give your guests a more straightforward and engaging process. It is also suitable for most events of any size because of its affordability. 

QR codes are unique images you can show on your websites, brochures, emails, display screens, and many other advertisement products. Customers with a smartphone can easily use their camera to scan the QR code and send it directly to the web pages you have set previously.

Let’s talk more in-depth about how QR code online ticketing can help improve your event management. Then, you can start thinking about integrating it within your system.

What are QR codes suitable for?

There is no limitation regarding the benefits it can bring to your events. The technology is rapidly improved, and there are a lot of features from a QR code online ticketing you can implement. 

There are various ways to use QR codes online ticketing for advertising and promoting your events using multiple physical and digital media. You can also sell tickets, acquire attendance details, follow up through emails, and gather guests’ information for the future marketing campaign.

QR  code online ticketing lets you understand your guests and market better by knowing which advertising worked for your event. Here are several other benefits you can get compared to traditional marketing:

  • QR codes let you connect physical advertisements such as brochures to online webpages
  • Event tickets can sometimes be counterfeited, and adding security measures to your tickets might cause delays
  • Printing costs can be a burden and environmentally unfriendly

It should be exciting for you to incorporate this technology into your events. You can help solve several problems quickly and let you focus on your guest instead.

How can you use QR codes for event organizing?

By incorporating QR codes for events, you don’t just have to use them as an advertising option. Your events will get many advantages and opportunities.

QR codes help your event run smoothly and increase its security simultaneously. No unique apps or handling are required to use QR codes, just your smartphone’s camera.

Why should you consult a QR code management company?

QR code is accessible for anybody to create, so what is the benefit of asking WhiteBean to help integrate QR code online ticketing into your events?

There are a lot of things QR code management companies can offer outside QR code creation. You can control what the system does when your guest scans your code. Many QR code links are not hard coded and can be changed. It poses the risk of being hijacked at some point.

This risk should be entirely removed as it ruins your reputation as an established business. You don’t want your customers to be linked to fake pages where the third party asks for their credit card information.

This is where a professional service such as WhiteBean can help you. You can create a professional interface for your events to manage your QR code campaign at reasonable prices. Contact our Online e-Ticketing experts today to help secure your events with highly recommended QR code online ticketing features.

QR codes online ticketing: is it worth it?

QR code eTicketing, in the end, helps you enhance your business in many ways. It helps gather data for your marketing purposes, saving you advertising dollars and trimming the purchasing process where your customers will appreciate it.

Investing minimal money into a partner is highly recommended to help you create a safe platform with an easy-to-use interface. This is where WhiteBean can help you by creating a quality platform and scalable QR code solutions for your events.

Image Credits: Marc Babin