QR code technology has developed, offering some great features, from streamlining the check-in process to facilitating smoother networking. For event planners, for instance, it makes them easier to conduct events by increasing engagement, quicker check-ins, and enhancing security in gathering data for future events.

QR codes before the events

You can use QR codes to boost pre-event engagement by implementing QR codes into your marketing campaign. Your printed material, like flyers or brochures, can be embedded with a QR code that is easy to scan. That way, it gives your audience access to more detailed information to help them understand better about the event.

You can also adopt your app into your QR code, which will result in more app adoption by directing your audience to register for the event on the app. Make sure to test everything up once they are ready to launch so you can avoid any little hiccups very early on.

It is helpful to consider creating a dynamic QR code. It has the flexibility for you to direct users to different sites as the event timeline proceeds. You can use the QR code to register for the event at first. Then, edit the same QR codes later to direct your audience to download the app.

Using QR codes at events

When the planning for the events finishes, the event day arrives. There are even more opportunities for you to use the QR code to ensure the event runs seamlessly during the day. Here are several advantages of using QR code during the event:

Speedier on-site check-in

By implementing QR codes into your check-in process, you will get a more efficient and faster check-in. Your audience can do one almost-instant scan and immediately on their way through the gate. Other things to consider for speedier check-in during the events:

It is mandatory to use multiple lines. Multiple lines with one QR code scanner each can make the process numerous times faster when you have a large audience. It will ensure faster processes, especially when you have a larger audience.

Don’t forget to charge your devices. Using the camera all the time can drain the battery power. Prepare power banks or charging devices for the on-site staff during the venue’s opening.

Have a backup plan for multiple issues like spotty network connection by having other alternatives or unexpected risks. Preparing an offline backup registration which you can cross-check, can be substantial.

Enhanced security for private events

You can enhance your security, especially when holding private events with QR codes. The QR codes can also be set as unique security tokens to ensure the guest holding the invite checks in only once. You can personalize each guest ID just like airline tickets are so that you can add fast identification to help a quicker check-in.

WhiteBean has many experiences enhancing security using QR Code eTicketing for your private events. Contact our Online Ticketing experts now and discuss how to implement it to help run your event seamlessly today.

Swapping badge data

Inseminating a QR code into the guest badge data can help improve your guest interaction. Especially beneficial when you are holding a business event when people are looking for connections. It works just like a digital business card.

Your guest can include more information on their QR code profiles, and at the same time, you gain more data from your guest when they check in and check out from the events.


Once thought to be dying, QR codes are making a serious comeback in events and other marketing. You can use a QR code to allow quick access to valuable information. You can also use QR codes for speedy check-ins and information exchange.

Knowing how beneficial QR code is, Have you incorporated this technology into your event process?

Image Credits: Jorge Gordo