In the movies and entertainment industry, you must stay ahead of your audience’s latest trends. The QR code online ticketing can help you do it. As we know, there has been a significant increase in smartphone usage and access to high-speed internet in the last decades.

QR codes’ popularity makes this technology used across many industries for various applications, such as payments, promotions, education, and inventory management. Especially, the movies and entertainment sector has benefitted from QR code penetration.

So, how do use QR Codes online ticketing in the movies and entertainment industry? Let’s begin.

Hassle-free check-in

The common use cases of QR codes online ticketing are during the check-in process. After you book a ticket online, you can show it for check-in. Your staff can scan the QR code and check whether it is a valid entry or not. The scanning process takes only 2 to 3 seconds, making the check-in process faster and smoother. 

Your audience can evade long queues, and you can save a lot without installing a big setup to validate entries securely.

To create a buzz about the movie

The offline promotion has a longer attention span as we do not receive many flyers and magazines daily compared to online ads. However, the dilemma is that offline media does not encourage taking action immediately. Let’s say you add a link to your flyers, people have to type the link manually, and it can sometimes result in an error because of mistype, or people will avoid the effort altogether.

QR codes can simplify the process by making it easier for people to scan with their camera phone, and voila, they can be directed to your video or website easily. This combination of online and offline advertising efforts can bring you many opportunities in your marketing campaign. 

To promote your mobile application

If you have a mobile application, you can promote it smartly with QR code technology. Let’s say the App is on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. You can utilize dynamic QR codes so that your customers can scan one QR code and then be directed to either Google Pay or App Store based on their mobile operating system. 

It means you don’t need to create different QR codes and minimize effort on the user’s end.

To offer discount coupons to your audience

Discount coupons can be a great way to attract an audience to your business. QR codes can be used to show promo codes, descriptions, and how they can apply it. 

Warner Bros Entertainment has used the Coupon QR Codes application to attract customers.

Ratings and reviews for the movie

Customers’ ratings are important for any business. They let you know what is working or not and how your performance is so far. However, submitting online reviews is a tedious task, which is why many avoid leaving one. Many businesses have started to use QR Codes to get these valuable reviews.

After being scanned, it takes the end-users directly to leave reviews for your business. Thus, people can spend less than one minute on a valuable consideration.

Since the process has become easier, the number of responses has also increased substantially.

To build a community on social media

If you have several active social media accounts that you want to promote, Social Media QR Code can be utilized to maximize people following your social media. 

Customers can scan your Social Media QR Codes, which link to all of your social media accounts. They can later choose which platform they can follow. 

You can display this QR code on a movie screen or on print media such as tickets and posters.

Hopefully, these six ways for movies and the entertainment industry can utilize the QR code to help grow your businesses in various ways. Contact our QR Code & Online Ticketing Professionals at WhiteBean today and discuss how to design your QR codes for online ticketing that suit your existing system. Start bringing in these features for your customers today.

Image Credits: Kilyan Sockalingum