Forget the old ways of manually going through each ticket purchase for your events. Sometimes it can become a real challenge for the organizer. However, today customers can purchase and use an automatic check-in system with better technology implementation.

We are talking of QR code online ticketing. So, how does it work?

Let’s say you are small to the medium-scale event organizer. The next event is coming up, which could be a business event, graduation, or movie, and the number of attendees is not small. You can manage them all the better with QR code technology.

So how is it better than the previous system? Let’s discuss the five benefits you will gain from using QR code online ticketing.

More security

When we compare it with a conventional paper ticket system, it has many challenges. Such as, the ticket is easy to duplicate, so many unauthorized people can enter your event. If it has a scanning system, people can scan and print the ticket easily with even a low-tier printer. So, duplicating a paper ticket system can be easy if you don’t use a QR code.

Instant check-in

It takes time to check every access manually. Hosting thousands of people can result in a long queue, spoiling the customer’s experience. You can help decrease the queue line by adding more workforce, but it takes up space and could prove costly for your business.

Flexibility for your guest

Your customers can’t re-enter the venue. You can ask them to use a hand band if necessary, but it will be an additional cost.

It is true when we talk about the hand band for thousands of people and all its equipment.

Smart counting system

It is so tedious to count the attendee’s number manually. You can resolve that by adding more workforce, but it will cost you big time.

Using QR code online ticketing, your guest has a unique QR code that can even show their names when checking. Provides the input of their required data when registering. Even when they are out of the venue, when they enter again, it is not duplicated on the count number.


And lastly, you need a budget to design, print, and distribute many paper tickets. This method can be expensive, both for small or medium-scale events. 

By using the online ticketing system, you can reduce your printing cost by recording their QR code for check-in into their emails. They can choose to print by themselves or show it at the venue using their mobile phone, just like the QR code used in airports.


These five challenges can be resolved by simplifying everything from the bottom up. And the QR code online ticketing can help you do that. Customers can register and purchase their tickets online, and on the day of the event, they can use their QR code as their ticket to get into the venue automatically.

Each customer that has scanned their QR code will be shown in the system so you can manage the event better. Showing the number of attendees, seats, when to give out drinks, etc., can be maximized with complete data on your hand. 

The QR code online ticketing will help you stay ahead of your competitor while satisfying the demand of your customers. WhiteBean is a well-established partner that can help provide a flexible system during these uncertain times. Contact our QR Code Online Ticketing experts at WhiteBean today and discuss how to implement those features for your events.

Image Credits: Jakob Dalbjörn