Remember that flexibility is the key to resilience when holding events in the upcoming months. Especially during this post-pandemic era, with health guidelines changing by the week, a flexible system that can adapt to any situation might be the best choice. Your event needs to keep going, and a flexible approach can adapt to the most unsuitable conditions.

WhiteBean promotes a safe reservation system using QR code online ticketing for your events. If you are looking for a clean tech solution, this might be the most appropriate answer. 

Contactless payment

A safe reservation system allows guests to quickly choose the date, time and number of tickets due to their requirements. 

Every guest can purchase tickets online using a QR code embedded in the brochure or online platform. The purchases will be completed online, thus minimizing contact with the cashier. 

Minimizing contact can be a safe choice even when purchasing a ticket. It means your event will abide by safe and healthy protocol, thus increasing trust in your customers for the upcoming event.

Contactless check-in

The ticket will then be scanned at the entrance with a QR code. Every guest can check their tickets on a QR scanner to decode their QR code.

A custom API will be built to connect every reservation data to the backend server. This way, payment can be processed safely and, most importantly, valid for each ticket.

You can have different QR codes for each of the various attendees. This way, they do not need to enter their names into the system for check-in. The QR scanner will read each QR code and show their names instead. It will hasten up the check-in process and can be helpful, especially when you have many attendees for the event.

Turning uncertainty into opportunities

During times of uncertainty, we have found a solution by using technology to our advantage. The QR code online ticketing proves to be the imminent technology we can take advantage of during post-Covid-19. Many needs to run their events in uncertain times. And this QR code online ticketing is the solution that gives a quick, clean, and flexible process, which is key to resilience.

Many features can be added and keep improving as time goes on, resulting in an adaptable technology to each of your events going forward.

When we are looking for a solution to creating a safe reservation module for your events, the most suitable solution is how we utilize technology to minimize contact between people. Contactless payment and check-in help promote that. And as we know, technology rapidly improved during the pandemic, and people started to adapt to contactless behaviour for safety and health issue.The QR code online ticketing will help you stay ahead of your competitor while satisfying the demand of your customers.

Contact our QR Code Online Ticketing Professionals at WhiteBean today and discuss how to implement those features for your events. WhiteBean is a well-established partner that can help provide a flexible system during these uncertain times.

Image Credits: Product School