When running a theater or other venue, you should know the importance of providing your guest with convenience and comfort. You can consider starting from navigational help to ticket purchases in this case. With QR codes online ticketing, you can offer many benefits and a more seamless experience for your patrons.

After COVID-19, theater and other venues need to start again from scratch. Suppose you are one of the many theaters that are reopening with caution. In that case, there are some opportunities to streamline your operation. These are four ways QR codes eTicketing can help develop an efficient money-making theater experience.

How does QR code eTicketing work?

The usage of QR codes is more than just tickets. You can add digital programs and event promos, even opening more possibilities to connect more with your customers. Here are some ways:

QR codes for digital programs

Printing costs are among the highest price for a theater business. And since the pandemic, those papers have presented a new issue: the transmission of disease through contact.

Many theater owners today have started to create digital programs. Customers can access the program with a scan of a QR code. The digital program should have been implemented long ago. Digital pay bills are cheaper, and you can offer more experience for customers. You can also link out to sponsors and social media. It is a win-win program for both sides.

QR codes for contactless tickets 

Paper tickets can be considered wasteful today. Furthermore, your floor will be flooded with them after the end of the event. 

Instead, by using a QR code online ticketing, after purchasing them, the guests can receive a QR code which is later scanned at the entry gate. Then proceed to their seats. It makes your venue floors clean during and after the events.

QR codes for event promos 

You should also use a QR code eTicketing for promo events. Instead of printing and distributing many flyers to the customers, you can create a single poster for a season. Please direct them to your websites using a QR code. 

Potential customers can see every event you are holding. And on top of that, you can modify your website contents while using the same QR code. The capability to alter the content fixes outdated posters all around the city.

QR codes for tip collection 

You can also use a QR code to link to any e-payment portal. Every guest can give tips for your performance with a quick scan from their phone. This flexibility minimizes the resistance from your guest as they might need their cash for food and drinks at your venue.

Are you running a charity event? Create a QR code with WhiteBean and post it around your venue. It is more likely to capture donations, especially if your guests come from multiple places.

Contact our QR Code e-Ticketing experts at WhiteBean to design you a QR code eTicketing that is ideal for entertainment venues, especially those impacted by the pandemic. Start improving your guest experience and make it easier for them to give their support by designing it specifically to their comfort.

Image Credits: Duncan Shaffer