Have you ever gotten business cards from many business partners or marketing agents? And how many of those have you kept with you? Only 12% of those business cards usually survive and linger for the next seven days. Billon number of precious paper pieces are trashed during this period.

Another alternative today is using a digital name card. It is easier to send to your business partners with a QR code. You can use a QR code digital name card to substitute traditional paper business cards as we used to see several years ago.

Here comes the new challenge. What should the QR code on your digital name card link to?

Who is your target audience

QR code embedded onto a digital name card has the purpose of instant access to your digital contact information. You can encode many things into it. To understand what works best in different circumstances, you must start by planning 3W –Who, Where, and Why. 

Who will receive your digital name card? Do you plan to share the cards with potential customers, suppliers, or employees? It would be helpful to analyze your target audience, so your QR code digital name card would be effective. 

Here are some ideas.

Contact information

Encode your contact information, like a phone number or email. It helps increase the chances that your contact information will be put into a phone directory. Please find a way to encode instant contact saving, so they can need to press one button to save your number into their phone.

Email template

You can also encode an email template or a phone call. This email template encourages the prospect to contact you, saving them the hassle of initiating the process. Customers can easily apply for a quote or send their feedback with a single QR code scan.

Special offers

Discounts or special offers can also be added. Choose the one that drives more attention to your upcoming events. It adds value to your customers and can be said to be the way to acquire new customers via demos or trials.

Map location

Add a google map location to your QR code. It is an excellent way to use it if your end goal is to invite the prospect to your office. Quick access using a QR code indeed works in this regard.

Calendar note

Add a calendar note and notification when the prospect scans the QR code. It can be helpful when you want to invite them to your event or a meeting.

Social media following

If you have an online business, a QR code can be a great way to increase your client base and audience simultaneously. Make your prospect follow your account once they scan the QR code from your digital name card.

Show work portfolio

If you want a digital name card to showcase your previous project, link your page to the QR code. This portfolio could be a great idea if you plan to reach a potential project buyer. You can direct them to cloud storage or an online gallery.

View your showroom

The standard catalog can be overwhelming for your potential customers. Instead, use 3D models of your product lines in an interactive showroom that people can access via QR code. Not only will the process be more straightforward, but it also leaves a great impression on your prospective client. You can also receive more data on client behavior for their visits.

Quick appointment, scheduling, and purchasing

When you share a digital name card for people to order products from you, you can encode the action of booking into a QR code. It is vital to make every step clear for your customers to choose the time and details but cut down unnecessary routines and get them to the critical point directly.

This one may require additional setup and works for companies that allow placing orders online. Contact WhiteBean QR Code experts now and discuss how to implement these features into your digital name card.

Compress important details

In many industries, details on your previous project and experience are crucial. You can hide this story about your company in this small square called QR code. With a good caption, you can encourage your prospect to reach your accounts when you don’t have much time and resources to do it in person. Even more so, you can use it to refresh their memory about you simply by scanning a card.

Embed a QR code creatively into your digital name card design to increase your reach. Your prospect needs to know what to expect about you while scanning the code and why they should go that extra mile for you.

Image Credits: John Schnobrich