After finishing your QR code digital name card designs, we are now on to the next step, sharing it with your clients. Sharing your QR code digital name card correctly goes a long way for your clients to remember your impact on them.

We have discussed that most traditional business cards have been discarded since the first encounter. And you don’t want the same things to happen to your digital name card.

There are many ways to approach this to avoid all of this from happening and even gain substantial results. First, you need to think about how it can help you improve your efficiency.

Share your digital name card on your mobile device

Sharing your business card can be a hassle sometimes. Ultimately, you don’t want to take up too much of your time. Sometimes you need to ensure your services align with your client’s needs.

With a QR code digital name card, you can send your professional information quickly without much effort. It is proven to deliver much more prospects as it can reach more people at the same time.

How can your team network efficiently when meeting with customers or their friends and family?

You can collect your team’s contact information and share it through many means, such as SMS, QR code, and social media. You only need a simple link or QR code; your customers can view your professional information directly through their mobile phones.

Conversely, you can easily customize your digital name card whenever you like. Suppose your team member happens to change their mobile phone number, for example. With a bit of editing, they can edit the page almost immediately. In that case, your customers can still view the page with the same link/QR code without creating a new one.

Sharing your professional information can lead to a positive discussion about your services. You can reach more prospects with less effort and human resources.

Make sure your client remembers what kind of services you are offering. Offer them a discount or free consultation if possible to make them interested in your services.

Transform your traditional business card into a digital name card

Increasing your reach using a digital name card sets your potential apart from the conventional way. You can reach more, thus growing your prospect. The speed of the spread of digital name cards increases the number of opportunities you can have within the same time as your competitor.

Don’t forget to impact the first conversation, which will work toward the efficiency of your digital name card. Constantly update your contact information whenever there are any changes so that your prospect can always contact you when they require your services.

Contact our Digital Name Card experts at WhiteBean today to discuss how you can increase your business networking capabilities with a QR code digital name card. White Bean’s mission is to provide your company with a seamless and straightforward digital transformation process. Hence, we introduced our technology by integrating a QR code into your name card.

When your customers have your digital name card, they can also refer your service to their circle. And QR code digital name cards make it easy for everyone. They can share your personal information with a link or QR code to scan, thus increasing your brand’s reach.

Image Credits: Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee