Business cards give you benefits to let you continue a conversation with your client at a later time. And with the digitalized era, you can optimize your business card to be more effective and attractive to help you network better. You can design your digital name card that is easy to share and helps consolidate all your contact information in a single view. 

Still, wondering how a digital name card can help your networking? Here are four reasons you need a QR code digital name card for your business.

Make your networking easier

Let’s say you are currently at a seminar or a conference. There are several people with whom you want to get into contact. Usually, you would talk with them for a while and give them your business card in the hope they will contact you later.

There is a catch, though, giving them your business card in only one process step. There are a lot of cases where the recipients rarely save your contact information. Traditionally, they will need to pull out their smartphone, open the contacts app and input your contact details, which requires both time and effort. 

Today, you can utilize a QR code digital name card so the recipients can easily save your contact details with one click away. The easier the process, the higher the chances you will get what you want.

High adaptability

People can quickly scan QR digital name cards. The recipients only need a smartphone with a camera. Most smartphones today have built-in QR code scanning, making this technology formidable.

People only need to open their camera and hold it in front of the QR code. A pop-up will appear to notify them to scan. Even if their smartphone doesn’t yet have this feature, they can install a free QR code scanner easily. 

Compact and detailed business card

With traditional business cards, you can put in a limited amount of information to make it still readable. However, a QR code digital name card allows you to add much more detailed information in a single view.

Custom-design QR code

You can customize the QR code designed as much as you wish to increase your business’s visibility and brand. You can do this by adding your business’s logo and colour or changing the background image of the QR code. You can attract 100% more scans this way compared to generic black and white ones. 

There is a lot of demand for an excellent QR digital name card. It helps boost your networking potential with those four features you can utilize. Many have started switching to sound business cards that are effective and invulnerable through time.

We are here to help you secure your business’s QR code digital name card. Contact our QR Code experts at WhiteBean immediately to help you design an attractive QR code digital name card. A QR code could help bridge the clients to your business much easier than it used to. 

Image Credits: Apollo Photography