Using technology to increase our productivity has applied to many industries. Even today, the handphone has been part of us as it can help improve our productivity from time management, calendar, chat functions, weather, maps, and many more apps inside. 

The contactless QR ordering technology has become so vital for F&B industries that want to increase their customer’s experience and efficiency, especially during busy hours during lunch and dinner when everyone’s in a rush. During the pandemic, QR code has thrived on being a mandatory technology for a restaurant to maintain health and safety protocol. Even today, it helps attract hygiene-conscious customers post pandemics.

QR Codes Benefits

Some restaurants still place the options for the customers to choose from ordering at the table using the QR ordering system or ordering the cakes and pastries at the counter. When using QR codes, customers can browse the entire menu on their mobile phone with prices, images, and descriptions in detail at their fingertips. After that, they can directly pay for their food and drinks immediately. All this process can be done from their table, without a waiter. 

The kitchen staff can then immediately gather the order after processing the payment, saving time on both sides. This practice implies that restaurants can reduce front-line staff that needs to serve menus, take orders, and focus more on the quality of the food production.

This practice can be a breeze from the customer’s side. They can take a seat, scan the QR code and start ordering. Without the waiter, customers can take a breath while ordering and customize the order without a single mistake.

Payment processes using QR codes are more accessible than ever. Customers can pay for their meals at the table using various integrated payment methods, minimizing the risk where customers are leaving before paying, which is quite common in busy F&B businesses like bakeries. You can also choose to provide options for post-meal payment to suit your restaurant strategies.

QR Code Post Pandemic

After the pandemic, many customers are looking for a place to dine that implements a good health and safety protocol. The implementation of QR ordering might be the best one you can get to increase your business image in your market’s eyes. 

A forward-thinking business that looks to take care of its customer’s safety can be a significant boost for your restaurant. 

Especially when we are talking about how technology has transformed day to day usage of smartphones on the market, it can be a wise choice for many businesses in F&B industries to keep up with a more convenient side of the customers in technology. 

Are you ready to start?

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Image Credits: Ali Inay