The food & beverage industry faced incredible challenges in 2021 during the pandemic. Government implements restrictions that force people to make more meals at home, limiting their chance to dine outside. Since last year, F&B companies re-evaluated their business models and started to invest in new technologies. These efforts somehow create a more resilient and agile business moving forward.

Despite COVID-19, Malaysia’s F&B industry outlook remains optimistic and is forecasted to experience 10% annual growth from 2020 to 2025. Eating out has become more prominent in the city, and healthier food options are also gaining popularity among the working class.

The F&B sector in Malaysia has also undergone dramatic changes due to the shifts in consumer behaviour. With a more digitally savvy and discerning middle class, there is an increasing demand for food services like healthier foods, contactless ordering & payment systems, and takeaway options. Many analysts have predicted the trend for the F&B industry in 2022. We have compiled several points you can implement in your restaurant during this pandemic.

Healthier Foods

The risks of the virus have driven consumers interest in healthy foods that can boost immune system performance. Ingredients that can boost the immune system will play a significant role in 2022, and it can be a challenge for the F&B industry to take on. This change in consumers’ interest can be an opportunity for many restaurants to recommend a set of healthier meals during the pandemic to satisfy their concerns.

Contactless Ordering

The MCO in Malaysia has changed consumers’ behaviour as they are not likely to be comfortable so soon coming into close contact with other people, including the waiters. Despite their desperate wishes to dine outside, restaurants can start to facilitate their need by implementing a good SOP in their restaurants.

At the same time, the F&B industries are moving toward more innovative operations that increase efficiencies. In facilitating contactless ordering, many restaurants have started implementing new technology in their business during the pandemic.

WhiteBean’s QR menu and ordering system are designed from the ground up to effortless handle and digitalise the menu and ordering aspect of businesses to accommodate the new normal. Contact experts at WhiteBean to learn how to implement contactless ordering in your restaurant.

Takeaway Option

Another feature you can implement in your restaurant is take away orders. It helps increase your chance of getting more sales during this time so your business can survive. The risk is high to wait for the pandemic to disappear completely. It can act as risk management and help you thrive during the pandemic.

The question is, do your F&B business ready to flourish in 2022? Not every F&B business will succeed. Many F&B companies should quickly adapt to the new normal. So be sure to prepare your business as best you can and never stop developing. Stay safe out there!

Image Credits: Eugenia Clara