During the pandemic, many restaurant businesses, big and small, are looking for ways to help customers have a touch-free experience. One of the restrictions in Malaysia is to implement social distancing whenever possible when eating outside.

It means paper menus are out, and digital menus are in at the restaurants. Even today, people are already used to the changes. While on one side provides safety from the virus, QR codes have enabled restaurants to give their customers many other benefits along the way.

Many of these contactless technologies are modified versions of QR codes technology. This technology appeared in boxy, square and dotted filled designs around 1994 but made a massive development in the restaurant industry during the pandemic.

It is relatively similar to a barcode at the supermarket. Your customers can scan through a phone camera. Then the smartphone will translate the dots into a link that leads to a website or a PDF of your restaurant menu.

How to Scan a QR Code

When you use an iPhone or iPad, it is a snap to scan a QR code. It happens because Apple synchronizes QR code reader right into the camera functions. Open the camera and hold it right into the QR code until it is visible. You do not need to hit the shutter button. It will immediately recognize the code and link you to the desired pages.

Many Android phones also have integrated QR code readers into the camera. But if not, you can download an additional app called Google Lens app or other QR code readers.

PayPal for QR Code Payments

Before the pandemic changed our day-to-day lives, mobile wallets tended to be more secure than credit cards because they mask your data through tokenization. If the establishment is hacked, your credit card number is still safe because it is never exposed in the first place.

It is especially beneficial when you are shopping at a chain restaurant. It is mandatory to revolutionize your payment system to suit the market changes. 

Paypal has done so by rolling out a new feature in its mobile app that lets customers pay at restaurants simply by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera. It is incredibly more straightforward for you to offer touchless payments without the requirement to purchase any new equipment by using Paypal. 

It is expected to become a more prominent player in the touchless payment system in the restaurant industry.

There are about 20 million mobile users in Malaysia, as we speak. The number is predicted to reach a new height of 21 million in no time. WhiteBean is one of the leading QR Code solution providers in Malaysia, and we are ready to show you how QR codes can help your business scale to new heights. Contact our professionals at WhiteBean immediately to discuss in depth how we can help you integrate QR codes into your menu and payment system.

Image Credits: Claudio Schwarz