With many dining restrictions in place during COVID-19 in Malaysia, QR codes can help your restaurants keep running and even thrive. A digital menu allows your restaurant to require minimal contact between diners and servers. As a result, digital menus using QR codes are a suitable choice for restaurants to increase their health and safety protocols.

Even after safety protocols are fully lifted, a digital menu can still be an excellent investment for your business. By moving away from traditional menus, you won’t have to replace any damages done to physical menus. It is also much easier to update any items without printing all of the menus all together. It allows you to save cost and time and have an updated menu every day. 

Digital menu is not only beneficial in terms of financial aspects, but it also builds your brand as forward-thinking. It also frees some of your staffs time, and focus on other tasks, as they won’t have to clean dirty menus every table turns.

If you feel contactless QR code menus sound like a good option for your restaurant, you need to follow several easy steps below to ensure you get the best product possible for your customers. 

Upload an Online Menu

A QR code will send its users to an online webpage. That is why the first step you need to take to create QR code menus is by creating an online menu of your restaurant. After uploading your online menu, it will be accessible by your customers after they scan the QR code bar.

An excellent online menu for the F&B industry is a responsive menu so that your customers can choose and modify any items with a flick of their fingers. As many customers today have their smartphones on their hands, it is mandatory to optimize the design that suits these features, such as size and style.

Create your QR Code

After you have uploaded your online menu, you can progress next to create your QR code. There are several free QR code generators available on the market today. All you need to do is input the URL. Then it will turn into a scannable QR code bar.

Some restaurants prefer to have several menus available for different times of the day. You can create multiple QR codes with multiple menus, which applies a similar analogy.

Test your QR Code

After creating your first QR code, do not forget to test it out first. The test is essential before you place your QR codes throughout your restaurant. Make sure it works first. To test whether it is working, use multiple types of smartphones to make sure the operating system is working well with the QR codes. If the test is a success, then you can move on to installing a new QR code at your establishment.

Design your QR Code Signage

Designing your QR code signage that suits your establishment theme is crucial. You can print it on different materials like acrylic, glass, wood, with a particular color, imagery, and text around it. The customization is limitless. Contact the professionals at WhiteBean now to discuss the best way to implement a QR code design that is suitable for your business today.

Image Credits: Christina @ wocintechchat.com