F&B E-Menu ordering system brings new light to the development of restaurants. This technology enables a restaurant to reach a new limit, especially in sales. The integrated restaurant ordering system has become an integral part of the restaurant business to process orders quickly and efficiently.

Many restaurants today have found various ways to simplify restaurant operations through integrated ordering systems. Below we list three ways to increase your sales and at the same time boost your customer’s experience.

As a restaurant owner, it is mandatory nowadays to facilitate how customers’ behavior has changed. They tend to order and purchase conveniently using their mobile phone. This phenomenon makes E-Menu stick in F&B customers’ hearts.

Even more, on the business side, your restaurant can reap many benefits from implementing E-Menu into your restaurant ordering system.

Updating Menu

Any changes you made in your menu list can easily be updated with just a few clicks. It saves you the hassle of reprinting many menu cards regularly whenever menu items or prices change. At the same time, your customers will be presented with the most updated version of your menu and avoid any disappointment of unavailable items still lingering.

Customer’s Profile

E-Menu can save your customer’s profile. It makes them convenient to repurchase items they customized, thus saving time and effort for your customers to order. It increases table turns and in the end profit your business. 

Collect Testimonials

It is vital to receive feedback from your customers. You can use both constructive feedback to improve your customers’ service and praise to motivate your team. E-Menu increases the probability each of your customers to leave feedback. Most customers tend to avoid confrontation when asked directly, and it is not the case when you implement this feature into E-Menu. When they feel appreciated, they will become your most loyal customers.

Avoid Miss Orders

In the busy hour, your staffs tend to make mistakes which frustrates your customers. Sometimes they forget, as they are human. Using E-Menu, however, you can collect every order without errors. You can focus in the kitchen to deliver a considerable amount of orders within a short amount of time.

Push Notifications

Another great feature you should add to your E-Menu is push notification. Especially during busy hours, customers appreciate every 10 minutes notification to their mobile regarding any changes happening in the kitchen. You can assure your customers that the order is on its way, and they appreciate this interaction.


We can not neglect how customers’ behavior has changed rapidly. Especially since the pandemic accelerate these changes. Every business needs to adapt to the changes, and one way to facilitate that in the food and beverages industry is through an E-Menu ordering system. Not only is it convenient for your customers, but it also helps boost your restaurant’s productivity.

Other than E-Menu, you can implement website and mobile ordering to boost your sales. You can integrate an app to facilitate these changes. It can also help you develop your delivery system to be more efficient for your business and your customers.

The involvement in technology seems to penetrate the food and beverage industry. The opportunity is here with us right now. And it seems like many business owners have the same vision for the future of the F&B industry. Are you?

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Image Credits: Fabrizio Magoni