There are several essential benefits to implementing QR code menu for the restaurant. Mamak has started to show how it can boost four aspects of the operational business system. From the increase in order size, improvement in table turnover times, and a reduction in labor cost to a better customer experience. Today, this technology revolutionizes the food and beverage industry one by one, and Mamak has started their step to meet the new demand of its customers.

An increase in average order size

There is a substantial increase in check size, approximately 12% higher than traditional dine-in orders. The advantage of QR code menu, customers can order as soon as they are ready, thus more likely to order additional drinks. With its upselling features, customers are more likely to add extra items than with a server.

Customers can take their time to think and order freely, adding a modification to the dish from their mobile phones. Just think about how easy the customers can order by themselves and not be restricted by the need to call a server to place their order.

An improvement in table turnover times

A popular Mamak has reported a 10-minute improvement in average turn time. More tables are served, especially during busy hours, leading to more revenue altogether for the restaurant.

Potential customers might leave when they see the table are full, avoiding potential revenue for the house. It is mandatory to increase the turn time by automating the process. Your existing customers can save their time waiting for a server to order and pay, while others feel appreciated that your establishment always has room for your loyal customers. 

A reduction in labor costs

With QR code menu, Mamak can run their floor with fewer servers because they are now focused on hospitality and are no longer distracted by transactional steps like taking orders and closing checks. After implementing QR code menu, restaurants like Mamak can increase FOH and BOH wages by 20-30% during the pandemic.

A better experience for customers

This technology can provide customers with easy access to what they want directly from their mobile devices. Customers do not need to wait for the server to arrive to take an order or for the server to run their credit cards back and forth as they used to be.

The final words

QR code menu has benefitted many dine-in restaurants in Malaysia. Mamak has started to look closely from the customers’ perspective, wary of health and safety protocol, the fast and busy modernized culture, high tech customers, and the millennial generation that welcomes the QR code menu into place.

The increase in revenue, employees, and customers altogether really change the game for many restaurants in Malaysia.

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Image Credits: Pille R. Priske