QR codes have been around even before the pandemic. We know the popularity has increased tremendously since then. Restaurants worldwide have embraced them as a touchless solution for menu viewing, but this only scratches the surface of their potential applications for restaurants.

The ability to connect with their customers in many ways proves the most crucial aspect of the marketing industry. A QR code can connect to your websites and social media with a simple scan through everyone’s mobile phone. 

Here are seven popular ways you can use to utilize QR codes in your restaurant marketing program.


First of all, when you offer the best dishes and prices than your competitor, you do not need to wait for them to first arrived at your restaurant to promote them. Try to use a QR code to send any potential customers to your online or mobile menu wherever they are. Let your value speaks for itself. You can also easily update your menu on the fly and add the most favorite drinks or specials.

It allows you to promote suitable dishes and promotions according to the market to increase your revenue.


Your restaurant website is the front face of your business. It needs to allow your customers to learn about your food and style in detail. The brand of your restaurant weighs heavily on your website. 

Make it easier for your customers to order online. Remember to include an online ordering system so they can order food or merchandise without any issue. You can also have a special promotion for online ordering, so you can start building an email marketing campaign as an option.


You can place a QR code on every table that links to a page where your customers leave their feedback. Feedback forms are an excellent way to let your restaurant team know any areas to improve on.

Online reviews are good ways to go to improve your credibility within your community. You can link the QR code to Google Maps and let your customers place their reviews when the business is good. It boosts your online searches capability and, in the end, tremendous visibility for your restaurant business.

Social media

Another way to increase your online image is through social media. A QR code can help facilitate this easily. Place a link from your QR code to your Facebook or Instagram page to increase your following base. QR codes eliminate extra steps customers need to find your business and follow you. Having ample fan-based online gives your customers the belief that every dollar they spend is worth it.


Videos are a striking way to showcase your value. Your chef can put a behind-the-scenes show in making one of your favored dishes. Try to add various videos such as teaching basic cooking techniques, new product items, or famous guests visiting your restaurant. It is an attractive way to increase your restaurant brand and keep your customers coming back to see something new. You can set up a YouTube or TikTok channel to link it to your QR codes. Salt Bae does this amazingly well.


You can add mouth-watering photos of your food to increase your customer’s appetite. Add a QR code on your marketing materials or your restaurant’s menu directly. Your customers can then visualize what to expect from your dining experience will be.

When you have a vast menu list, it is difficult to add a sufficient size image of each dish. And a link to your website using a QR code can help facilitate that.


Remember to include QR codes on promotions so that they can enjoy a discount on the next purchase. It encourages your customers to order again soon and increases loyalty. Place a QR code on your posters, flyers, and takeout menus. QR code is a magnificent way to promote seasonal or particular items of your restaurant.

For more information on this technology and how it can boost your business, contact the QR Code experts at WHITEBEAN today. 

Image Credits: David Dvořáček