A QR code menu provides many benefits for customers, such as a contactless ordering and payment solution. Digital menus for restaurants should provide customers immediate access via a QR code to put the ordering experience entirely in their hands. Diners do not want to go through downloading an app simply for the convenience of table ordering. 

If you consider a QR code menu for your restaurant, convince yourself of these six reasons why it is suitable for your restaurant.

Increase Brand’s Reach

A QR menu enables you to connect with customers via social media. After browsing your menu, they can directly share it with their social media accounts. Increase interaction with customers starts from this to build your brand’s reach.

Another key benefit is that restaurants can directly market delivery, takeaway, and catering to dine-in customers, so they know these other services are offered. This service represents an opportunity to increase brand reach and revenue.

Another plus: You now also have better customers data as you’ll know which items are most favored by using robust analytics implemented in the system.

Minimize Order Errors

Your QR menu allows customers to order from your menu and thumbs up their favourite dishes. Since the digital menu features images, customers can see what they will receive before ordering. You can also add more details and descriptions of the plates.

Using a QR menu for ordering also reduces ordering errors. The entire ordering process can be streamlined, reducing the risk of mistakes close to zero.

A QR menu is also great in tourist areas, so servers do not have to worry about lost requests in translation. As customers “like” their chosen dishes, they can show this to the server. This system reduces miscommunications surrounding the ordering process.

Increase Customer’s Experience

Unlike text-based menus, you can add images to each dish, so customers need less explanation as they can see what each item looks like. Many customers already check Instagram before visiting a new venue to see real-life examples of the dishes they might want to order.

You can combine a QR code with an existing menu for restaurants that don’t want to replace physical menus completely. This way, customers can interact with the digital menu and find what best fits their taste, serving size, and dietary needs.

These features require less explanation for your customer, so your front staff can focus on other activities like increasing customer experience and dealing with back-of-house tasks.

Increase Revenue

Outside marketers promote other experiential services directly to your customers, so how about you provide your solution?

Special events, dinners, tours, and other services can be prominent during customer interactions with the digital menu. It allows you to get commissions by partnering with those offering additional services.

Cheaper to Maintain, Faster to Deploy

A contactless menu is dynamic and easy to manage. You can quickly add special menus, remove out-of-stock items, and add different languages to satisfy more market reach. There is a cost of maintaining physical menus but can be made irrelevant by using a QR menu. The customer scans into the QR code menu and is shown beautiful photos, daily specials, and nothing currently out of stock.

Track and Trace

You can use the QR code function to capture the customers’ contact information to comply with local regulations as applicable.

By including the COVID sign-in in your QR menu, you can acquire the customer’s contact information upon scanning the QR code. Faster check-in and order result in a quicker table turn. In the end, you can increase your restaurants’ revenue with limited seating due to COVID restrictions.

For more information on this technology and how it can boost your business, discuss with our QR Code Solution specialist today. 

Image Credits: Albert Hu