The food and beverage industry was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic in Malaysia. WHO Malaysia has published several strategies to be applied on a general basis.

Through the guidelines, we has elaborated several strategies for F&B business to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic period by applying operational procedures in line with this new normal.

Health and cleanliness

During the pandemic, customers will be cautious in choosing a place to eat. One consideration in choosing a restaurant that is safe to visit is the place’s cleanliness. Customers are becoming very smart and aware of the situation during COVID-19. A clean and healthy restaurant ensures that customers are safe when visiting your restaurant. At the same time, it increases their trust and satisfaction, thus increasing repeat orders. 

How can you implement this in your restaurant? First off, you can start by performing temperature checks on your employees and customers. According to the Malaysian CDC standards, maintain the safety protocol by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Proceed to implement healthy operations on your restaurant’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Such as washing hands for customers before entering the place and first med kit in case customers are feeling unwell while dining in your restaurant. Do not forget to use a hand sanitiser that has an EPA-registered disinfectant, as it has been tested to be efficient in killing viruses and bacterias.

Food hygiene

Food hygiene is another aspect that needs to be focused on. It is natural for restaurants to pay great attention to the quality of the meal they prepare, especially during this pandemic. Customers will respect any gestures that can guarantee food hygiene in your restaurant.

To do this, make sure the food containers and utensils to be cleaned and sanitized. Also, include wearing gloves for your staff in your SOPs, and it would not hurt to let your customers see that.

Social distancing

This protocol has become so important today that you must not miss it. Social distancing is one of the main protocols to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Any effort in doing so will increase your customer’s satisfaction. 

QR menu and ordering system have been popularized in Malaysia because of these benefits. Your customers can order food without the need for specific staff. It is a lot easier to clean than a traditional menu. WhiteBean’s QR code solution is here to accommodate your business to the “new normal.” Contact the experts on implementing QR code solutions according to your specific intentions.

Also, include an educational protocol for your business so that all the employees and customers know the importance of social distancing using posters and audio messages. This protocol will help the tendency for the customers to prefer using QR menu and choose your restaurant to dine in to.

Take away and delivery

Takeaway and delivery are some of the best ways to ensure your business stays afloat during this pandemic. You can provide special pick-up zones for customers on the side of your restaurant. Also, make sure you clean and sanitize the box on the motorbike regularly. 

Beyond that, please make sure the food temperature is maintained at a good standard until it arrives in your customers’ hands.

Monitor your operational

All of the above procedures still need your manager’s monitoring to guarantee that the SOPs are applied in your restaurant. Monitor the number of scans of the QR menu regularly, and it can help you find any irregularities. Then send one of your staff to learn about the issue and make sure it is not repeated.

In addition, you can install several self-service kiosks with a camera to get real-time inspection through video features.

Image Credits: Opollo Photography