QR code provides touchless solutions, which align directly along the path of society, that is the goal towards busy, fast-paced, and simplistic modern society.

Its uses are impactful to various kinds of activities and businesses. You can apply it to a simple business card to be a much more beneficial touchless payment system. The implementation is widespread, from event check-in, ordering systems, and even marketing order.

You can encode everything virtually using a QR code. With a limited area on every platform, a QR code can simply bring every piece of information and tools you need in a single touch. This is why the impact has been widespread so far.

QR Code Benefits for Restaurants & Bars

Since the Covid-19 outbreaks, QR code uses has seen such resurgent interest thanks to its touchless system. Hygiene can be somewhat a problem before, but now customers can avoid this risk using QR codes. Going forward, the trend might stay as it goes toward minimizing the risk of other infectious diseases.

In restaurants and bars, QR codes on tables replace the use of a paper menu. There are hundreds of thousand germs per square in there. With all customers touching it every day without properly cleaned. 

By embracing QR codes, restaurants work toward cleaner and germ-free service. Customers appreciate that.

At the same time, you can change the contents of the menu according to the season and spikes in demand. This can be done on the fly. No more printing out menus, and wrangling old menus which have been a bad habit in the industry.

QR Codes Benefits for Business

The marketing impact of using QR codes has been huge. QR codes allow for more and better content. You can implement audio and video in it. All people now have a smartphone in their hands. With a single step, you can easily market your business along with your social media and websites. 

The movement towards green can also be implemented using QR codes. Imagine your business that does not need to print out menus, brochures, receipts, magazines, books, business cards, and many more. This saves your business a lot of operational costs each week.

QR Code Benefits for Marketing

QR codes can keep track of users’ activities over weeks or months. Statistical data over total scans, time of day, and location can bring your research up to a new level. This is the reason QR code is such an attractive long-term marketing strategy.

Most businesses have two streams of marketing that are digital and paper-based. They are different and serve different purposes. However, QR codes can be a bridge for those two for people to stay connected, thus expanding your customer base. 

Benefits of QR Codes In Healthcare

Tying up personal information and health records to a QR code can serve multiple purposes for your healthcare operations. Every patient’s information can be acquired quickly with a quick scan. This management saves time and work.

After visits, a patient can receive a summary of dietary adjustments, workout routines, supplements to take, using a QR code. This information at the same time does not need to be printed out, which saves operational costs and minimizes carbon footprint.

A QR code can also be attached to medical equipment so anyone who wants detail on the equipment need only scan. This has many benefits for operational and maintenance purposes.

Benefits of QR Codes In the Classroom

Teachers can also use QR codes to optimize their classroom activity. Presentations, books, notes, can also be published online and distributed with a QR code. 

Not only that, you can implement attendance taking using QR code, especially with hundreds of students available which saves a lot of time.


There are a lot of benefits we can have from QR code technology. Its simplicity goes in line with modern society that is online, fast with a single touch of their mobile phones. 

QR code is becoming a bridge between digital and paper-based. Something so revolutionary, yet so simple. Get in touch with WhiteBean’s team of QR Code solution experts to discuss your ideas in using QR Code for your business today.

Image Credits: Simon Bak on Unsplash