With many of its features, many restaurants have integrated point-of-sale into their system. Mamak has started on the POS system journey into their restaurant, and here are some tips we can learn from them.

Many POS system providers only provide some guidelines with the software, and many staffs are not accustomed to how to maximize the platform potential. This might not be a big deal in the beginning. But if you don’t use the full potential of a POS system, your restaurant will miss many good things.

Here are some tips we can learn from Mamak on how to optimize your POS system for your staff.

Learn about live analytics and data tracking

It would help to train your staff to understand the live reports from your POS system screen to make them more efficient and organized, especially when you need the data to manage the whole team.

Suppose your staff understands how to track inventory through a POS system. In that case, you will start seeing more responsible inventory usage, and your team can communicate clearly to your customers when an item runs out.

Another good thing to take advantage of is data analytics. Your manager can collect and synthesize the data, so you don’t have to. Watch your sales number and plan on what your restaurant can work to improve for next month.

Manage customer service, employee schedules, and booking

Another good point about the point-of-sale system is the ability to manage a lot of information together in one platform. You can later separate the data into each category so your manager can use each data acquired as they seem fit.

Managing employee schedules, customer service, and booking can improve your restaurant management. It will increase your profit and customer satisfaction at the same time. And to optimize the analysis of the data, you can train your employees to handle these data better.

POS system can help your employees manage online reservations and booking to be a more popular choice for your customers. It smoothens the reservation process and avoids missed reservations and mistakes during the process. Another good point is that a good POS system can help your managers better schedule your staff shift using the system. It can be a great help when you have a busy restaurant or are trying to streamline your restaurant workflow.

Familiarize yourself with mobile kiosks

Mobile point-of-sale systems are a growing trend today in the restaurant business. Your staff needs to know how to use them skillfully and quickly. Using an iPad or other mobile kiosk can offer your team a wide range of advantages when interacting with customers or moving around your restaurant. 

So, accepting various mobile payments is essential. It can speed up purchases, and even adding a tip can be done quickly with a mobile POS system. Educating your staff on these features is important so the front staff can handle every transaction quickly and smoothly without hiccups on any payment.

Understand software integrations

Updates can be crucial to a POS system. As technology advances, so will the POS system. Security, accounting, and payment processing can be integrated into your POS system as time goes on. With adequate training, your staff can use the software integrations to improve your restaurant service and management.

These four tips should allow your staff to effectively implement the POS system technology, whether they are chefs, servers, or managers. The main benefit of technology should be helping your workforce to work more effectively, not the other way around.

Thus don’t wait. Many restaurants, including Mamak, have started implementing a POS system with many benefits. It is up to you to bring the effectiveness to a new level. Please discuss with our POS System experts at WhiteBean which features you want to integrate into your business today.

Image Credits: Clay Banks