You can integrate many features to help you run a successful restaurant business with a POS system. Management reports and labour tracking to customer engagement can be done from a restaurant POS. However, it would be best to consider several decisions before committing to a new system, such as the right hardware like touchscreen monitors and printers, to find the best software to handle your restaurant business and grow your company.

Finding the right restaurant POS system to implement is important to make the correct judgment on the best hardware and software for your business. Here are five things that can help your restaurant for a smooth transition.

Do your homework

Do some research before committing to specific software and hardware for your restaurant. If they are not compatible, you are bound to have some issues in the future. These issues could translate into lost profits. Find a suitable vendor to help you integrate seamlessly with the new technology by providing software and hardware systems to prevent system crashes.

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The implementation of a POS system is time-consuming. However, it can be a heart to your restaurant process. Spending time planning to make the right decision for your business is worth it. 

Gather important data.

Discuss the goods and bads in the current business processes and what you can gain by implementing a POS system. You and your staffs are the core of your restaurant. Make a list of “must have” and additional features. Create an outline of your restaurant’s operational business and what is unique only to your restaurant.

You need to remember these important details for your vendor to design the best suitable system for your business.

Pay Attention during the review phase

The review phase is important to identify what is working and what is not. Be careful to review the restaurant POS system plan customized for your business. You need to start engaging with the new system so you can start measuring if it will meet what your restaurant needs or if you need to start from scratch.

You will be happy knowing you have spent the most time during this process to avoid many drawbacks later when it is online. Start mentioning everything you need so your vendor can best meet your requirement for your POS system.

Try it out.

You should try a system first before you decide to choose a strategy. You can ask your vendor for a demonstration of the software beforehand. Be sure to test every feature you want to implement, such as cash sales, customer databases, inventory management, tips, etc., to see if it will work like you intend to. This will help you to visualize what your restaurant POS system will be in the future.

Choose a good time

Choosing the right time is essential in implementing a new POS system for your restaurant. You can schedule it to happen after opening hours so it will not disrupt daily business. At the same time, you can train your employees as soon as possible. 

Installing or upgrading your POS system is no small task, but it will be worth the investment. Following this guideline will help you to stay on track in making a good decisions and avoid mistakes in the long run. It will also help you and your implementation partner better communicate and create a great system that suits your restaurant.

Contact our Mamak POS System Experts at WhiteBean today and discuss how to design your Mamak’s POS system to suit your existing processes now.

Image Credits: Rumman Amin