A restaurant POS is much more than a regular cash register for customer transactions. It can help you improve customers’ experience, increase sales and strategize better for your restaurant. Today, a POS system promotes long-term growth by scaling your business through add-on solutions that benefit your restaurant.

A restaurant Point of Sale is a system of hardware and software to help you handle workflow and transactions. Mamak has just started the journey of installing this technology to get these seven benefits.

1. Speed up transaction

A modern POS system is fully mobile and can remove the unnecessary front-of-house workflow to increase the speed of each transaction. It will be helpful during the peak hour of the restaurant.

One server might be enough when you are using a mobile POS. Customers can punch in the order at the table, and a server will come by to take the orders. The order will be directly sent to the kitchen without needing the server to run to the back to deliver it themselves. Everything is connected and speeds up service. 

2. Optimize prices

A POS system can break down contribution margins by each menu item. This feature will open a window for you to optimize your menu prices once in a while.

For instance, when you find your signature dish’s food-cost percentage is higher than the industry standard, you know it is coming for you to raise the price tag. Once you have decided, a POS system can help you update the menu instantly at any time.

3. Trigger the most favored dish

Your POS system can tell you which menus are top sellers and the most profitable. You might think Roti Canai is the best because it recently received a lot of praise. But have you considered each item contributes to your revenue? Which one is the most sought after?

One dish might sell particularly well while the others contribute more to the revenue. It is up to you to consider rising prices or balancing the demand and expense to have a better economic advantage for your restaurant.

4. Inform a menu redesign to make more profit

You can make POS data to optimize your design and influence customers’ spending rates. Once you have identified several high-value items for the day, you can place them strategically on your menu where your customers read first. This practice will help increase the sales that give your bottom line the most significant profits.

5. Boost repeat customer 

Do not forget to create a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers. With a POS system in a restaurant, your loyalty program is integrated into the system. You can offer personalized rewards based on guest spending and purchases.

6. Manage your floor in real-time

Your floor managers may want to know how long each guest has been seated in real-time so they can keep service moving. When a table is lagging but spending a lot, it is advisable to upsell them on coffee. But if the table is not paying much, it may be the time to hint them for a bill.

The table management system can also give a more accurate time to arrange for waiting customers when the table is finished. With these many tools, your managers are better equipped to keep service moving to earn more revenue.

7. Automatically, 86 sold-out items

A POS system helps your restaurant prevent inputting items that have already sold out, saving your customers a disappointment. Integrated inventory tracking can help realize this and prevent your customers from ordering an 86’d item. 

A restaurant POS system is created to benefit your staff, optimize performance, increase customer experience and boost revenue. An interconnected system that works synonymously will help optimize every process to help encourage customer retention.

WhiteBean has helped Mamak integrate these seven benefits into their restaurant. Contact our experts here if you want to develop your own POS system to increase your productivity today.

Image Credits: Louis Hansel